May 04, 2024 I graduated from Auburn with my bachelor’s in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering! :mortar_board:
Apr 26, 2024 Today is my last day of classes at Auburn and the conclusion and final presentation of my senior design project
Apr 15, 2024 My German teammates (Andreas and Felix) for my senior design project are arriving to the US today
Apr 07, 2024 Today, my dad and I are driving to Illinois to camp overnight and (fingers crossed) see the solar eclipse :sunny: :moon:
Mar 29, 2024 My wife and I are travelling to Maryland this week to do some house hunting for our upcoming move! :house:
Feb 26, 2024 I’ll be travelling to Germany this weekend to work on the DNAM project for my Senior Design course at Auburn! :airplane:
Feb 25, 2024 I think I finally got this website working! :computer: :smile: